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# Products categories
# Add products in shop
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# Products categories

Content categories

You can create multi-level categories and subcategories. for your products.


When you create a root category, you must choose products type. All products from this category (including nested subcategories) will have the same product type.

Product types:

  • Downloadable type.
  • Service / Task type

Downloadable products

A downloadable product is a product who have a file to be downloaded after client buy and pay the product. Example of downloadable products: software, eBooks, PDF files, audio files, video files or any type of file that can be downloaded. 

If your product contain multiple files, you must pack all this files into a single archive file.

After adding general details about the product (title, price, description....) you can manage download files. 

You can add multiple download files for the same product. For example, you have a software with multiple versions and you want that client who bought the software to have access to all software updates. If you release a new version that you want to be separate sold, you must add this as a new product.

Services / Tasks products

You can sell services such as install services, technical support, paid trainings or any type of service that you can manage online or offline


If client buy a product from this type, a support ticket is automatically created after payment, so clients can discuss with staff operators about the service. After the service / task is done, the operator can mark this ticket as completed and close the ticket.

Category badges

Badges are useful in theme development. Example: you want to show a link to a specific category (or multiple categories) in your template. More details about template functions, in Developers section in this Documentation.

If you want to set multiple badges for the same category, you separate them with a comma. Example: badge1, badge2, badge3

Multilingual shop

If you have a multilingual shop, you can translate this details from products categories: 

  • category title, 
  • category description, 
  • category meta title, 
  • category meta description.

In frontend template, when choosing a language (if you have multiple languages), it will display translated categories details.

eCommerce shop categories - 202102/WbHROBtKmr2V-cart-categories.JPG
eCommerce shop categories
Shop - create category - 202102/JMq4NpPwTLBk-cart-categ-add.JPG
Shop - create category
Shop - change category - 202102/ofEuIr5U9Y3A-cart-categ-update.JPG
Shop - change category

# Add products in shop

To add a new product, go to the eCommerce > Products Catalog > click "Add new product" button.

Product title

This is the title of the product, who appear in the products list in your website. 


Every product must be in a single category. 


Add poduct price. This field is required. If you have a Free product, input 0 (zero) in this field. For decimal prices, use the . (dot) separator (Example: 9.99). If you want to change the currency, you must setup this currency before adding products. You can change currency in "Commerce config" page.

Help info

If you add details in this field, they will appear in your product details page, after product description. This field can be helpful if you have service type products and you want to give some extra information about the service and what happens after payment. An example can be our "Install service" (see the "How it works" box:

Product SKU

This is a unique code for each product. This can be useful for phisical products. If you don't add the SKU, a random code will be generated for this field.

Search terms

By default, when a client use search form in your website, the search will use product title. Search terms are a list of words by which the product should be easily found by search in your website. This field is not displayed on product details on your website, it is used only for searching. Add multiple words separated by comma.

Featured product

Featured products are displ;ayed first in your website shop page.

Hidden product

Hidden products are not displayed in your website. This is useful if you have some products or services that you offer to clients but you don't want to appear in products list on your website.

Disable orders

If you check this field, products appear on your website but client can not order this product. For example, this can be useful if you have a service who is bought by a lot of clients but you don't have enough operators to manage paid services and you want to "pause" ordering new service.

Custom template file

By default, the template file "cart-product.blade.php" (located in your active template folder) is used to display product details page.

You can define a custom template file used to show a product. The file must be located in your active template folder located in /templates/frontend// and must be named for example custom-product.blade.php (you can use any name instead of "custom-product"). In admin area, just add "custom-product" in custom template file field.

Shop products catalog - 202102/NB1eRK9aSjee-commerce-products.JPG
Shop products catalog
Shop - update product - 202102/zDSTWbm4xq1u-commerce-update.JPG
Shop - update product
Translate product details - 202102/cnow2BnlFItA-cart-translates.JPG
Translate product details

# Multi-lingual shop

If you have a multilingual eCommerce store, you can translate this details from categories and products details.

Translate products categories

You can translate this details from products categories: 

  • category title, 
  • category description, 
  • category meta title, 
  • category meta description.

In frontend template, when choosing a language (if you have multiple languages), it will display translated categories details. 

Translate products details

You can translate product details such as:

  • product title,
  • product description,
  • product "help info",
  • meta title,
  • meta description.

In frontend template, when choosing a language (if you have multiple languages), it will display translated product details.