Frequently asked questions

Nura24 is a suite for businesses, communities, teams, collaboration or personal websites. 

For solo owners, Nura24 suite is Free. So, if you are a solo administrarot or a website owner, you can download and use Nura24 suite for free.

If you are a business with employers, a team or a website owner with multiple internal accounts (staff accounts), you mustpurchase a Nura24 License Key. Also, if you need a multi-language website, you must purchase a License Key.

Nura24 software is based on Laravel Framework.

The Laravel framework has a few system requirements. You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.2.0
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

Do you want to install and setup Nura24 suite on your server? Please check our Professional Install and Setup Service.

Forgot about install, updates and hosting with Nura24 Cloud Hosted

To get a Lincese Key for Nura24 PRO version:

1. Register an account on Nura24 website and login in your account.

2. Add a domain name (where you want to install the software).

3. Go to "Domains" in your Nura24 account and click on "Manage Lincense Keys".

4. Select period and click to Buy License.

5. You can insert license key in your website administration area (login as Admin, go to Configuration -> License).

If you have any question about Nura24 Suite, you can contact us using Contact Page.

Also, in future, we will implement a Live Chat and a Support Tickets areas.

Yes, we offer paid support and paid development services.

You can contact us using Contact Page.

For the moment, we use PayPal payment option. You can pay using your PayPal amount or use any card (Visa, Mastercard).

If "Pay by card" button is not visible when you want to make a purchase using PayPal checkout page, please contact us for payment alternative (Revolut, Transferwise, Offline payments like MoneyGram or Western Union...).

We are working to implement Stripe payments in the near future.