Nura24 is a free suite for businesses, communities, teams, collaboration or personal websites. Create a free and professional website in minutes

Depending on your needs, you can enable only the modules needed for your website

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Forget about installing and updating tons of plugins. Forget paying hundred or even thousands USD for other suites with the same features.

With Nura24 Suite, you have everything you need for free to build professional websites, from simple / personal / blog websites to complex portals, communities or business websites.

Nura24 is a free alternative to popular CMS or Business Software like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Odoo, Hubspot, Zoho and others.

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Manage blog articles
Products catalog - 202101/BloAQcIaUbWJ-commerce-products.JPG
Products catalog
Manage support tickets - 202101/8RUttzyOiIL8-tickets.JPG
Manage support tickets
Manage forum topics (admin) - 202102/IWlqrBLkMUjq-forum-topics.JPG
Manage forum topics (admin)

Modules available

Sell downloadable products or services
Community Forum
Create a community for your website
Create a blog / articles / news section on your website
Create unlimited static / landing pages
Support Tickets
Add tickets system to support your customers
Contact Page
Manage contact form messages
F.A.Q. Manager
Add a Frequenty Asked Questions area
Knowledge Base
Make a documentation for your services or products
Create a downloads section on your website
Homepage Slider
Add a beautiful slide on your homepage
Content Blocks
Add content blocks on your website from admin area
Email Marketing
Create email campaigns and send bulk emails to customers
Internal Accounts
Add staff accounts with different permissions

Coming soon

This modules are in development process

Internal network to collaborate between staff members
Ads Management
Manage ads to show on your website
Create tasks and assign to your staff members
Coming soon

In planning

This modules will be developed untill middle of 2021

Projects management
Manage complex projects and assign to multiple employee
Add booking system to your website
Live Chat
Add a live chat to your website with multilingual settings
Video meetings
Meetings, video conference, webinars, virtual classrooms...
Coming soon
Coming soon

Nura24 Keys

Laravel 8 Framework

Nura24 is build using latest Laravel Framework, the best framework to build secure web applications

Bootstrap Templates

All templates are full responsive, based on Bootstrap Template Framework

PHP 7 & 8

Nura24 suite is compatible with latest PHP versions

Made for Developers

Nura24 follows the best development practices, code is optimised for SEO, security and performance

Speed and Security

Code is optimised for SEO, security and performance.


With Nura24 Suite you can create a full multilingual websitewith different content for each language

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