Nura24 Suite: features and modules

Forgot about installing, updating and configure tons of plugins. With Nura24 Free Suite, you have everything you need to build professional websites, from simple / personal websites to complex portals or business websites.
Nura24 is a free alternative to popular CMS or Business Software like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Odoo, Hubspot, Zoho and others.

CMS (Content Management System)

Nura24 is a free CMS (Content Management System).


Pages work best for static content that needs to be regularly accessed. This is usually content that doesn’t change often. If you are building a more traditional business website as opposed to a blog, you will use Pages for most of your business content.

Posts (blog, news, articles...)

Posts are best used for things like blogs, news stories, event announcements, and anything time-sensitive. Posts can be organized with categories and tags. Visitors can pot comments or like your articles.

Content Blocks

Add content blocks anywhere in your template and manage blocks content from admin area.


Create a Downloads area on your website, where your visitors or clients can download software, drivers, eBooks, PDF documents, music files or any type of file. Choose if any visitor can download files or only registered members have access to downloads.

Homepage Slider

Add a beautiful slider on your homepage. Manage slider content (slides) from Admin area

CMS Module Screenshots
Manage pages - 202101/X46toI3240D5-pages-all.JPG
Manage pages
Manage blog articles - 202101/I25rfbk8qLmM-blog-articles.JPG
Manage blog articles
Manage categories - 202101/d1i7YHgPN9pF-blog-categ.JPG
Manage categories
Manage slider - 202101/vobkDYxDjNAL-cms-slider.JPG
Manage slider


Nura24 is a free eCommerce Software.

Sell Downloadable products

Sell virtual / downloadable products, such as software, eBooks, PDF files, audio files, video files or any type of product that can be downloaded.

Sell Services

Sell services / tasks, such as paid support, install service or any type of service which you can manage online or even offline. When a client buy a service, a support ticket is automatically created. In this way, operators can chat / collaborate with the client, untill the task or service is done

Sell phisical products

This module is under development. Sell phisical products (clothes, mobiles, electronics, watches....). Manage brands, taxes and stock for each phisical product

Sell hosting accounts and domains (WHMCS alternative)

This module is under development. You can sell hosting accounts. When client finalize the order, a hosting account is automatically created on hosting server and client receive cPanel login details.

Manage operators, staff and departments

For large businesses, it is require to have multiple operators and departments. Administrator can create departments for tickets, add staff accounts and manage permissions for each staff member.

Products Catalog

Add unlimited categories, subcategories, products.


You can use your countru currency. Configure your currency name, symbol, code, price format...

Orders and payments

Manage all orders and payments from Admin area. Manage offline payments (manual payments). Clients can buy online using PayPal account or credit card.

Commerce configuration

Configure eCommerce settings from Admin area:

eCommerce module screenshots
eCommerce categories - 202101/YOZgIkmsU0Ym-commerce-categ.JPG
eCommerce categories
Products catalog - 202101/BloAQcIaUbWJ-commerce-products.JPG
Products catalog
Update product - 202101/KrazbD49nkpi-commerce-update.JPG
Update product
eCommerce orders - 202101/b9fPNmnfr6iI-commerce-orders.JPG
eCommerce orders

Community Forum

Nura24 is a free Forum Software.

Classic Forum style

Create a community on your website in just a few minutes. Users can discuss, reply, add images attachments. Topic posts (reponses) are displayed in chronological order.

Question & Answers community style

Create a community like Yahoo Answers, Stack Exchange, Quora,, Reddit

Users can vote the best answer in topics. The answer with most votes will be the best answer and will be automatically displayed first.

A Question and Answer Community has many benefits. Not only does it give your company great SEO, but it gives your customers the ability to ask questions in non-marketing, non-technical speak. It’s a safe place to share their problems and learn from others.

Classic discussions and Questions & Answers in the same Forum.

Do you need both, a discussion based community and a Questions and Answers community? You can have both in the same forum. When you create forum categories, you can set the style (classic discussions or Questions & Answers style). All topics from that categories (and subcategories) will have the same style as the root category.


Search engines like Google love forums conversations. SEO is built-in so you will get the best results.

Moderation tools

Users can report topics or posts. Administrators and moderators can manage reports, suspend users, give warnings, restrictions or ban users.

Like system

Like button is available on all posts, so users can like the best responses. Like system can be enabled or disabled from Admin area.

Images galleries

Topic author can add a photo gallery. Users who replies to a topic can add images attachments.

Users signature

Users can set a signature. Administrators can configure the conditions for users to have a signature (minimum posts, minimum likes, days from registrations, enable links in signature...)

Community module screenshots
Manage forum topics (admin) - 202102/IWlqrBLkMUjq-forum-topics.JPG
Manage forum topics (admin)
Manage forum stgructure (admin) - 202102/s281AgwMe8uA-forum-structure.JPG
Manage forum stgructure (admin)
Community section - 202102/S3wsJBduIWle-forum-frontend.JPG
Community section
Forum topic - 202102/xHgDxOFMciXi-forum-topic-frontend.JPG
Forum topic

Help Desk

Nura24 is a free Help Desk software.

Support Tickets

Clients can open support tickets. Also, a supoprt ticket is automatically created when client buy a service. In this way, operators can chat / collaborate with the client, untill the task or service is done. Tickets can be asigned to departments and managed by staff operators.

Contact page management

Add a contact page with contact form, map, addresses, contact details and any information you want to display on contact page. See and reply to contact messages directly from admin area.

FAQ management

Add a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website and manage questions and answers from Admin area.

Knowledge Base

Add a knowledge base area on your website. Add documentation articles for your products or services. Create unlimited categories and articles.

Help Desk module screenshots
Manage contact messages - 202101/NXYFLZJo4xIy-contact-messages.JPG
Manage contact messages
Manage FAQ - 202101/3ofBNy0RcRv7-faq.JPG
Manage FAQ
Manage support tickets - 202101/8RUttzyOiIL8-tickets.JPG
Manage support tickets
Manage Knowledge Base - 202101/g1jsg81YRYr1-knowledge-base.JPG
Manage Knowledge Base


Nura24 is a free Marketing software.

Email marketing

Create email campaigns to send bulk emails to your clients, leads or subscribers. Manage recipients (add manually or import from CSV file), manage black list and unsubscribers.

Ads management

This module is under development. Manage ads codes and ads zones on your website. Define ads zone anywhere in your template and manage ads directly from Admin area.

Marketing module screenshots
Email campaigns - 202101/tTDmlIiBa3D1-email-campaigns.JPG
Email campaigns
Email campaign import CSV - 202101/pYrTMLcqB8Cf-email-import-csv.JPG
Email campaign import CSV
Manage email lists - 202101/lessw4pBp7i2-email-lists.JPG
Manage email lists